About Us

About Us - Who We Are

"The reason I started 5 Minute Windows is simple- I was tired of seeing all the games and gimmicks in the window industry. Even worse, cheap windows being installed by cheap labor.

As a former major league pitcher for the New York Yankees, I've always taken pride in excelling and reaching the pinnacle of any chosen career. After playing for 7 years at the highest level in sports, I joined a Fortune 500 home improvement organization in 1993.

After 14 great years in corporate America, I began my quest to create the finest home improvement company on the planet.

I care very deeply for the reputation of myself, my business, and of course my family. That is why our customers come first and foremost; they are the Evangelists for 5 Minute Windows.

I look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations when it comes to your replacement window purchase for your home or business in the New Orleans area."

Kevin Mmahat