You've seen the ads...

Replacement Windows Metairie

You've seen the ads... $189, $169, even $149. But then you find out-

1. Oh, you want your old windows taken out? Well, that costs extra.
2. You want your new windows installed… PROPERLY? That's going to cost you.
3. And you want your old windows disposed of too? We charge for that also!

Finding high quality new and replacement windows in Louisiana can be a stressful experience, especially with pushy salesmen giving you the runaround. 5 Minute Windows is your solution.

So Why Choose Us?

So why choose us for your replacement windows whether you live in Metairie, New Orleans or most anywhere in the Gulf South?

We may or may not be a good fit…

  • If you're ready to invest in Premium Energy Efficient windows and like to play guessing games, we're not for you.
  • If you want cheap windows installed by cheap labor, we're not for you.
  • If you like pushy commissioned salespeople who won't leave your home for 3 hours until they get a signed contract, we're not for you.
Why Choose Us

If you want Premium Energy Efficient windows installed

properly at a FAIR PRICE, we might be a good fit.

Our New and Replacement Windows Are:

Easy to Clean and Operate

• Both sash tilt in for easy cleaning
• Durable removable screen
• Built in lift handle
• eZ glide coil balance system
• Ventilation latch
• Grids between the glass
• Balance Track Covers


• Help eliminate “hot” & “cold” spots
• Reduce air infiltration
• NO painting
• Reduced glare from sun


All vinyl components are extruded from 100% virgin materials for superior strength & minimal expansion & contraction so there is no need for foam fill.

• Multiple chambers in each profile
• 1/2” Step down jamb
• Welded corners frame and sash
• Sash-lok sill plate
• Interlocking meeting rail
• Intercept spacer system
• Extruded screen frame

Energy Efficient

Hi-Performance Glass is at least 75% more energy efficient than insulated glass units & 50% better than Energy Star requirements of keeping the heat OUT of your home in the summer.

•7/8” insulated glass units
• Double strength glass
• Argon gas filled
• Hi-Performance 14 layer solar control glass
• Intercept spacer for enhanced Warm Edge Technology